Friday, May 21, 2010

Protect the future of VRS? Just Stop it!

Are you confused? Has Sorenson scared you yet? Do you feel like you may loose your ability to make VRS calls or Point2Point calls?


In fact, it is all just another lie from Sorenson Communications. Have they done this before - YES!

The fact is - VRS WILL NEVER GO AWAY! This is purely a scare tactic to ensure Sorenson can meet it's debt interest and PAYMENTS to its shareholders. The fact is they have a ton of interest to pay and they are trying to push this onto the FCC as a problem. They do this to continue their MONOPOLY! You don't get it? They don't want competitors!

I suggest everyone make a VRS call through the following providers with their VP200 to ensure VRS continues to stay and to stop this rediculous scare:

I further suggest you find a VRS provider that truly has innovated and provided new products with its cost structure not equaling 100's of millions of dollars each year in their pocket but given back to you as a consumer.....I will ask one question to providers....

Who can provide a 10 digit number that works point 2 point and vrs regardless of the device I use?